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I help Artists & Creatives approach business in a creative way that is true to them so they can build successful businesses doing what they love!

Here’s to you! The passionate, creative lady who has a desire to CREATE and do so much MORE!

But, you’re in a funk

You just want to create!
To build a business and making a life by doing what you love!

But, you’re drained! This idea of business is too structured, and trying too hard to fit you into a box that you know you can’t be fit into. If you go down that path, you risk losing yourself. You risk selling out to the corporate way of life that is so against what you stand for.

Believe me when I say, I know that gut-wrenching feeling that tears at you right now – that heart-wrenching desire to go after your DREAMS and do what you LOVE!

But, you’re tired of being that “starving artists.”  Can’t you be creative and still be successful?

I’m here to tell you that business and creativity CAN go hand in hand!


The truth is, there is a symbiotic relationship between the two that provide the foundation for building a passionate and successful business, WHILE doing what you love!

And your time is NOW to create your vision!

Ready? What are you waiting for?!

My Story

Hey Creative Lady!

I’m Danielle, Creative Business Coach

If you would have asked me in high school, if I ever thought I’d become an entrepreneur, or even a business student, I would have looked at you like you had a polk-a-dot monkey, singing opera coming out of your ears! (I hope you pictured that!).

But… business? I was an Artist. Everything I ever did was from a creative realm that lived inside me – drawing, painting, photographing, designing – creating!

And I had this longing desire deep inside me that wanted to create!

I dreamed to inspire other women to do what they love and create!

That’s when I discovered that there was a creative side that could exist in business….

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