FINALLY! When you feel youve had a breakthrough

The idea just hit me, and I feel that my fingers can’t type fast enough, and the minutes fly by faster than I can get anything done!

I love and hate these days…

On one hand, I feel like I’ve finally had a breakthrough moment. I’m on a roll – moving forward – being productive – checking things off (and creating new things) on my list.

But, to be completely honest… I now feel like I can’t sleep! I need to run with this – keep going – push through – even if it’s a late night and I know I’ll hate myself for it in the morning… because it’s flowing so easily NOW!

Why am I even thinking about this when I should be focused on working!? 


This idea. The feeling that refuels me – almost revives me – to keep driving at this goal, this bigger vision and reason to keep creating! It’s moments like these that define the direction and, much like a game, I enter the next level!

It’s exciting! 

But, it’s insanely nerve-racking… 

It’s the idea I’ve been waiting for! 

But, what if it doesn’t work? What if it Flat. Out. Sucks!? 


I keep working, quickly… maybe too quickly…

And all too much, keeping an eye on the clock at the top of my screen. Like it’s mocking me – testing me – running faster and faster just because it can… can it? 


That night, I sleep – okay, I half-sleep… My brain keeps spinning with this idea, but I find a way to let it drift away – just hopefully not too far…


Breakthroughs. Ideas. Motivation. 

Honestly – and a bit obviously – we need them! Right?!

I mean, that’s truly what biologically makes up an Entrepreneur!

(okay, don’t scientifically check that, but you get it! 😉 )

We need ideas and breakthrough moments to truly push us forward! In the moment, as you’re tirelessly scrambling to work as fast as you possibly can, you almost forget to overthink it and let that stop you.

So, you get a little further than you would have. The fog clears slightly and you have a direction in sight!

You level-up!

And, like anything else, you must come down from the high. You stop. You sleep – at least a little. And you have to come back to it again with new eyes.

Here’s the thing – RARELY is it ever a TERRIBLE idea! After all, there was a reason you were so excited and motivated by the thought of it – because somehow, it aligned with your purpose to create! It follows what you are driving toward, and creates an avenue to get there!

Give it a chance! Run with it!

If you’re like me, the hardest part is coming back to the idea for the first time since the breakthrough moment. Usually, you’ll hate some part of it. You’ll have that what was I thinking moment…

And usually, by now, that spiraling motivation that got you through that late night – that made your blood pressure rise – is gone… even though you know you need to continue working – to keep creating!


Breakthrough moments are the reason we create! They are Motivating, Terrifying, Exciting, Challenging, Draining, and Ultimately Fulfilling, all in the same, single idea. 

Open yourself to these moments – but try not to force them.

Invite them. Pour yourself into them. And allow yourself to learn from them.

Let them invigorate your Entrepreneur soul! 


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