When you tell yourself you can't...How do you talk to yourself?

What is that internal voice saying?

It may tell you, this is wonderful – when you’re relaxed and enjoying the moment.
It may tell you, I’m not sure about this – when you’re nervous in a situation.
It may tell you, I’m so in love – when your heart soars in a new relationship (or with the sight of a new puppy! Ok, most likely the puppy, right? 😉 ).

It may also tell you, over and over, that you can’t

I can’t do that.
I can’t afford this.
I can’t be that person. 
There’s no way! 

So, do you believe it?

If you are going through the 5-Day Challenge – Goal Setting & Achieving Results, you have heard me talk about this topic a little bit already.

The truth is, about 99-percent of the time, it is bull-shit.

Why? Because of where the word can’t generates from.

When you feel that you can’t, you have created that belief for yourself out of a fear, an anxiety, or that uncomfortable feeling you get when you are in an unfamiliar situation. Instead, you tell yourself you can’t in order to justify it.


Ok, hold on a minute, because I want to touch on the difference of I can’t and I don’t want to. 

If you’re thinking these mean the same, get ready for a mind blowing moment! 😉

I Can’t vs. I Don’t Want To

When you allow yourself to believe you can’t:

  • You don’t give yourself permission to try
  • You limit yourself
  • You live and play small
  • You hold yourself back from doing amazing things

When you allow yourself to choose that you don’t want to:

  • You set a boundary for yourself
  • You have the self-respect to say no
  • You understand that it’s not aligned with your larger vision, goals, and desires

Boooommm!! Mind blown 😉

Can’t – bad. Don’t want to – acceptable at times.

So, what have you allowed that internal voice to tell you that you can’t do lately?

Can I be honest? 

Finding A Way To Make It Happen

When I really want something – especially when it’s something that is related to (or aligned with) one of my goals, dreams, or bigger visions – I find a way to make it happen! 

Don’t you do the same?

  • When my husband and I were offered a trip to the Dominican Republic this year, we found a way to get the plane tickets, get off work, get a puppy-sitter, and make it happen. 
  • When I wanted a new camera that I knew was going to give me better quality photos, I tried harder to book more sessions to pay for it, and make it happen. 
  • When I wanted to move my business to the next level, I decided to hire my first coach, and make it happen. 

But, what if I allowed my internal voice to tell me:

  • We can’t go on the trip – We have to work. We can’t take a full week away. We can’t leave the animals.
  • I can’t get a new camera – Mine is working fine. The new one is $2000. I can’t book that many sessions.
  • I can’t hire a coach – I’m not ready. I’m not good enough. I can’t afford one.

I easily could have fallen victim to any one of these. I could have told myself I can’t. Yes, life would go on…

BUT, I absolutely would not be where I am today without deciding telling myself, I can.

Change the Conversation in Your Head

I challenge you today to allow yourself to try – just to see what happens!

You simply decide wether you can or can’t. But honey, you are completely worth it to allow yourself to try!

You know what you want – go after it! Jump out of your comfort zone and allow yourself the experience and growth! You will do incredible things!

Are You Ready to Reach Your Potential!?

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