There is a deep seed inside me that knows… When you talk yourself out of a great idea...

It wants So. Much. More. It wants to Create. Be Bold. Make a true Difference.

I know it exists, but what I didn’t know is how often it would show up. Pulling at me. Trying to get my attention. Was it trying to take over completely? What was it trying to say? 


I remember sitting in my cubicle at work, listening to some YouTube videos, as I often did, much like a Podcast. Videos about self development, growing your business, social media strategies, marketing ideas… the list goes on, and I’m lost down the rabbit hole of YouTube.

There were so many things I wanted (and needed) to learn! I had my little notebook to quickly jot down some notes and ideas. So many ideas! 

In the midst of learning, I felt it.

The idea.

There was an excitement triggered. A question – or a million – to ask. Thoughts to explore. Plans to design. The possibilities were endless!

I also remember when it all began.

[Excitement had taken over.] I’d scribbled, sketched, wrote, crumpled up papers, and started again. I could do this! 

It was like fire – a burning sensation! I was lit up and couldn’t wait to get back to it. I was ready. Nothing could stop me!

As I started to dig deeper – start planning, dig into the steps of the process…

I began to question…

But, how does that work? I don’t know how to do that? That will take weeks to learn! What about this? 

[Excitement dims a notch with every question.]

Okay, step back a bit – we can figure this out.

[Researching. Asking. Finding.] Starting to get back on track. Back in action – but slower.

But, things start happening, coming together. Ok, next step… [Dive back into thoughts.]

But as I keep thinking, I start to feel this fuzziness, deep in my chest… like fizz from a shaken soda can – unopened, but ever-so-slightly cracked, just enough, where you can hear it… and it’s got my full attention…

More questions… 

[Hesitation] How can I do this? Who’s going to listen to me? Who’s actually going to want to work with me? What am I doing?! Maybe I should do something else instead? Yeah, maybe another idea – a better idea. What else is there? Not this. I don’t know?

I’m not even sure where the fire went at this point. In fact, I’m not really sure how it even got started in the first place? Was it ever really there? Maybe I’m going crazy?

[Step back from the scribbles. Step back from the plans. Back away.]

As I dive back into my YouTube videos – a little disappointment, yet a little hopeful – I listen. Maybe something else will trigger a new idea? Maybe it will be better? 

But, I still feel it. It’s starting to put down roots…

—  Scene —


Can I be completely honest?

This was the day that I had the idea to start this business! Nearly 4 years ago! 

I had this idea to help others, like me, learn how to start businesses of their own. And, just like the scene reads, I let it go. Pretty quickly, in fact…

It’s been a crazy journey ever since – and a funny one at that!

I had my Photography business (not to mention my full time job), but I still felt, deep within me, that I wanted to do more – to make a true difference and lead others. When I started to learn and explore it, this was my first idea. Why? Because I started a business from doing what I loved – why shouldn’t others?

But, in the midst of the action – getting things moving – I learned one of my biggest lessons:

Good questions come from courage; Bad questions come from fear. If you want good answers, don’t forget to ask them outside of your own head.

All too easily, your questions can get muddled, and can lead you down the path of no return…

The funny part? It’s also the idea I kept coming back to – somewhat unconsciously… and even after so many other ideas, here I am! 😉


When you feel something within you – calling to you to listen – explore it! Consider the them go – they will come back if they rooted deeply enough within you to do more with them. But, before you do. Ask the questions outside of your own head. Don’t get wrapped up and let the fear of the unknown stop you from what you are supposed to do!


p.s. Did you feel like you were reading your own story? It’s so easy to get lost in your own head with questions and fears, and just freeze! But that feeling is there, isn’t it? Part of you knows that you need to do it, at least try it, right?! Let’s chat about it!

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