When you are not feeling confident...One minute you feel like you’re on cloud-nine, and the next you take a turn for the worst…

It’s amazing how quickly this can happen sometimes – like seriously… what’s wrong with me?

Confidence has a tendency to do the same…

Lack of confidence shows up for everyone – right? Whether it’s your appearance, a specific skill, starting a business, or just a general feeling. Listen to how you talk to yourself… Telling yourself, you’re not pretty enough… That you can’t do [insert skill here]… or I’m just not confident… period. 

Especially when it’s something you do want confidence in! I want to be good at this! I want to feel beautiful! I am confident in who I am!

My Creative Expressive Journey

You may have heard me talking about how I am on my personal journey to stepping fully into my creative and inspired life and being true to me.

I’ve always been introverted, shy, passive, and always felt like I should please others. I mean, part of it did make me feel good. If I said yes, if I helped them, it would make them happy! So I did. I became someone who they wanted, someone they would hire, someone else, someone better… 

But even if I was able to make others happy, I still didn’t feel confident… Instead, I was felt like I was on this path to always improve and be more of what they wanted… and further away from me

So naturally, being the never-ending learner I am, I started reading, listening, taking it in from all of these teachers, coaches, and gurus. And I kept hearing the same question… What do you want? 

Me? ________ I drew a blank…

So, I began exploring! Learning! Taking it all in! And thinking…

I heard this question for the first time about four years ago now. And believe me, it’s a continual journey to know yourself and step into being truly you! Might I add, it’s never over!

It’s just beginning!

Learning – the silent, destructive comfort…

Believe me when I say, learning is beautiful! I have always LOVED learning and will always continue learning as long as I am on this earth!

But, I’ve realized something about it… Being in the state of learning is comfortable.

Sure, you may bomb a test here and there if it’s formal classroom learning, but you can never really FAIL at learning.

So, it’s easy to stay in learning-mode.

Anytime I find myself wanting to do something, I go into learning-mode.  Googling, listening, even looking for courses to take to help me learn it better. (After all, this is what school teaches you, right?)

But. No matter how much you learn, you will never be confident in it until you take action and try it!

You don’t have to be confident – just be willing to try. Confidence results in surprising ways!

How to quickly increase your confidence

Confidence is not hereditary or genetic. It’s not a family you are born into or something you can be gifted.

(Believe me, if I could box up confidence with the most gorgeous bow and neatly place it in the palm of your hand, I totally would!)

However, I do have some tips:

Your confidence is 100-percent possible for whatever you feel you are lacking!

All you have to do is try.

3 Tips to Increase Your Confidence

  1. What do you lack confidence in right now that you are so ready to change?
  2. Now, what can you do to try it? (This can be scary, so it’s ok to start small! What is one small thing you can do just to test the waters?)
  3. Jump in and try it!

And, if you just need a confidence boost in general…

  1. Just try something new!

It’s time to break out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to try! Give yourself permission to fail, and the expectation to just try it – that’s it!

Don’t worry, you won’t even be graded! 😉

15 Things to Try Today

Open yourself up to trying something new – big or small:

  • Take a painting class
  • Go bungie jumping
  • Try a new style of food you’ve never had
  • Explore a new trail
  • Go dancing
  • Order something new off the menu
  • Join a fitness challenge
  • Give a stranger a compliment
  • Send your role model an email
  • Buy someone’s coffee
  • Ask for a raise
  • Go to a random concert
  • Write yourself a love note
  • Try on a new outfit
  • Sing Karaoke

Then, notice how you feel afterwards.

Allow these new adventures to build up the confidence you have in yourself.

You can achieve it! You can do it! 

All because you were open to trying!

p.s. What have you been lacking confidence in? We all struggle with something! Plus, it’s intimidating to try new things! I can help you work through those internal blocks and get you out of your comfort zone! Let’s chat about it!

Schedule your Free Discovery Call  Let’s work through your confidence blocks and blow your confidence out of the water! I want to help you thrive in being you!

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