2018 Reflections

2018 started with a mostly-80s soundtrack… No really! Crimped hair, my “Van Halen” hot pink skirt, and some fishnet gloves.

Just a day and a half before New Years eve, I had been asked to fill-in for one of our friend’s 80s cover bands for their New Years Eve gig since their singer was sick. I had day and a half to learn about 40 songs!?

I could have been worried I couldn’t do it – a day and a half, how could I possibly pull it off? 
I could have feared that someone would laugh if I didn’t know all the words – What if I messed up? 
I could have chickened-out.

But I said Yes.

I worked on those songs all day! Then, I got resourceful. I copy and pasted all the lyrics I needed into a document and saved it on my phone. It may have been a little more like live karaoke, but it worked! 

And no one laughed, even when I messed up here and there. It didn’t matter. Overall, it went great!


Things I Said Yes to This Year

Singing in an 80s cover bandSinging in an 80s Cover Band on New Year’s Eve

Me photographing women's business retreatPhotographing a Women’s Business Retreat

Me singing in the DominicanSinging covers in the Dominican Republic with my husband

Me photographing in VegasBeing flown to Vegas to photograph the World Karaoke National Finals

Me giving notice at my day jobQuitting my day job to do what I love full-time

shooting the KWC World Karaoke Finals in FinlandGoing to Finland to photograph the World Karaoke Championship Finals

Just to name a few…

The Power of YES

Here’s my point. There are opportunities around us every single day. They may not even feel like big opportunities at the time because they may start very small.

The trip to Finland AND the timing of leaving my job, initially started with how I would respond to my cousin over a Facebook message.

One morning, I woke up to find that my cousin had messaged me saying that his National Director was looking for a photographer. He wanted to know if I’d be interested in talking with him.

Honestly, I could have said no right here. I didn’t really know much about it. I didn’t know who this guy was. But, little did I know that this 50-50 split decision would make or break other incredible opportunities and huge goals for me at the end of this year.

Had I said no?

  • I would have stayed comfortable
  • Nothing would have changed – just another day

But what I didn’t know: 

  • No Vegas
  • No Finland
  • And I probably wouldn’t have made the choice to leave my day job

But, I said Yes.

I ended up talking with the National Director, going to Vegas, meeting the World Producer, and discussing the possibility of Finland.

I want to insert here that each one of these decisions were difficult. All had a 50-50 Yes or No that had to be weighed. All had pros and cons that I had to consider. All took time and energy to decide.

It wasn’t just me simply saying Yes.

What I really had to do?

Get passed the FEARS to truly decide

  • I could have been worried about taking off 3 days of work for Vegas.
  • I could have gotten caught up with doubting my skills and abilities to photograph such a large event.
  • I could have believed that maybe I wasn’t good enough.
  • I could have been terrified of leaving my job – walking away from a consistent paycheck.
  • I could have worried that I couldn’t possibly do it…

When you need to make a difficult decision...But, those are only fears and worries that we create in our heads.

And they are only real if we let ourselves BELIEVE that they are real.  

Believing in Yourself Enough to Say Yes

I had to get passed the fears and the worries I created to see that these were exciting opportunities that I was allowing to happen in my life. By saying yes to each one, another door would open up.

These incredible opportunities were possible this year because I pushed back the fears. I pushed myself outside of my comfort-zone. I planned and did what I needed to do to make it happen. I out myself out there and asked. And I allowed myself to believe that I could.

I said Yes. 

So, I ask you this:

What fears and worries are you letting decide for you? 

How have you been holding yourself back from your opportunities? 

What do you need to say Yes to? 

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