I’m Danielle, creative business coach. I help creative, passionate women approach business in a creative way that is true to them so they can build successful businesses doing what they love!

If you would have asked me in high school, if I ever thought I’d become an entrepreneur, or even a business student, I would have looked at you like you had a polk-a-dot monkey, singing opera coming out of your ears! (I hope you pictured that!).

But… business? I was an artist. Everything I ever did was from a creative realm that lived inside me – drawing, painting, photographing, designing – creating!

But, I found that there was a creative side that could exist in business.

Danielle Uhl | Creative Business Coach

It’s the purpose and passion behind the business that made me understand that business isn’t just about the product or the idea that you sell. It wasn’t about any specific part of the business – marketing, communications, human resources, etc. – those were only tools. Rather, it’s the bigger purpose – the purpose your business exists! The deeper vision to CREATE the business and share that purpose that makes it so much more!

– A Vision to truly make a difference
– Values and Practices that make it personal to everyone involved
– Genuine decisions that lead everyone toward success
– And a Passion for spreading it like wildfire

It’s the part that gives you purpose to CREAT! This is why I am so passionate about Business! And why I chose to do what I do. Followed by my professional background, small business experience, and education in Business & Leadership.

My Vision

To change lives through inspiration, creativity, and vision by building a community of passionate, driven women entrepreneurs, thriving in their own versions of success, coming together in support and collaboration, and starting a Ripple Effect through serving others to grow and inspire!

Ripple Effect: the continuing and spreading results of an event or action.

It’s your turn

Creativity and business CAN come together, symbiotically! And I’m here to show you how.

Ready to blend what you love and start your business? 😉

I want to chat with you!!

It’s your turn right now to make your difference in the world, and be successful doing it!